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Poster: Mandojammer Date: Jul 21, 2014 8:29am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: 7/22/84 - Tomorrow in History - The 1984 Project

Stand out show.

Morning Dew and Brokedown Palace were graded as "Stand out for the Year" tunes.

Samson and Delilah graded as "All Time Great"

44. 7/22/84 – Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA
(Stand out show)

a. Dancin’ in the Street* – Opens with Phil leading the way. Keys have a muted electric piano sound to them. Mix sounds really well balanced. Jerry and Bobby push their way to the front periodically with nice runs. Middle jam was really nice. Jerry sounded great. Brent’s keys were mostly electric piano and he also sounded good. Jerry moved to the back of the mix during Brent’s solo. Billy and Mickey are once again split out very distinctly – you can hear each in their own channel. Great start.
b. Bertha – Phil mixed perfectly, drums and cymbals are a little hot. Turn down the treble a notch or two and it should be fine. Brent’s B3 is way in the back of the mix. Jer’s vocals are a touch crackly, but otherwise strong – he’s backed very well by Brent. The pace seems a little quick. By 5:00, Brent has moved more forward in the mix. A little too fast for me, but another good tune.
c. My Brother Esau* – This one should come with a subwoofer warning. Brent’s keys sound great, but Phil is carrying the ball on this one. Another good MBE in a year that is becoming known for good performances of this tune.
d. Loser – Sweeping B3 keys comes close to describing Brent. Cymbals are getting a little hot. Jerry’s vocals are starting to crackle, but Brent is backing him nicely. There’s a touch of echo in Jer’s vocals that takes some getting used to. Bobby is far right in the mix, Jerry’s guitar is a little tough to pull out behind his vocals until 4:05 when he solos. It’s a little loose and crackly – like his vocals, but it’s good.
e. Cassidy* – I’m beginning to think that jangly keys are bearable as long as there aren’t any chimes. Phil establishes the low end. The mix has Jerry a step behind everyone, but his runs are crisp and clean. Billy and Mickey are just a touch hot, but this mix is the best separation they have had all year. Jerry’s ending solo is nicely played.
f. Ramble On Rose – Keys have taken on a slight carnival calliope sound, but they are mixed well behind Jerry’s vocals and guitar. Bobby has moved a step back (get it) and to the far right of the mix. Jerry’s vocals seem to have gained some strength and clarity.
g. Hell In A Bucket – I think I’m just going to have to accept this song as a product of the 80s.
h. Day Job – Looking for the least we know this isn’t going to be the encore.
i. Samson and Delilah* – Phil bombs right out of the gate, with Brent adding nice B3 stingers. Jerry’s guitar sounds great and Bobby’s rhythm is on point. I have a feeling this is going to be a great version. Jerry’s solo at 3:00 is set on top of a great bass and rhythm line. Brent’s backing vocals and keys haven’t sounded better this year. This was a great version.
j. Ship of Fools – Great rhythm work from Bobby. Not so sure about the echo on Jerry’s vocals. Jer’s guitar runs are really good and clean. By the middle of the song, Bobby has moved to the right rear and sounds solid. Phil is a constant. Keys are slightly jangly and an occasional chime slips in. Jer’s vocals are starting to break at the top of his register. Definitely an 80s flavored SoF.
k. I Just Want To Make Love To You – Huh? One for the Brent fans I suppose. It wasn’t bubble gummy and it showed Brent can really stretch out his vocals. This was just so far out of my previous GD exposure zone that I don’t think I can objectively comment. Phil sounded great. At least it wasn’t “Far From Me” or “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”.
l. Man Smart Woman Smarter – Why? Because women fast forward and skip this tune?
m. Terrapin Station* – Somehow, this doesn’t quite reach the heights of the earlier versions. Less epicness? Or maybe just jangly keys and unneeded chimes. The vocals have the same echo affect that the last few songs have had – it’s borderline distracting. The whole tune seemed compressed and constrained as if they sensed they were up against a time limit. A good 80s Terrapin though.
n. Drums* – Going with toms and bass is always a good idea. The Beam is starting to grow on me as well. Signature 80s, but I like it.
o. Space* – Native flute and whale song Space? You betcha. Here’s another pairing where it would be acceptable to stick around and pee on the floor.
p. Morning Dew* – Now here’s and example where judicious use of echo affects work exceptionally well. I’ll call it the “cathedral entrance” to Morning Dew. It will be interesting to see if and how Jer’s vocals hold up. The mix is really good. Phil, Bobby and Brent are all balanced, with Brent just a touch behind and left with measured and subdued B3. Jerry’s guitar and vocals are appropriately slightly in the front of the mix. The sequence from 4:15-5:20 brings as good a combination of Phil, Jerry and Brent as we’ve heard all year. They take us right up to the edge of breaking loose and then safely walk us back. I’m sensing a big finish. 6:45 through 7:45 could be dropped into ANY Dew in ANY year considered epic and fit like a glove. Bobby and Brent slowly edge their way into Jerry’s world around 9:52 in a rising groundswell into the finish. While this was a really good version and easily earned stand out for the year status, I couldn’t help be feel there was unrealized potential for a much bigger jam into the finish.
q. Throwing Stones* – Just once I would like to hear this song without jangly keys. Maybe it won’t work, but I’d still like to hear it. Bobby sounds really angry and animated with his vocals. The whole tune has a dark undercurrent to it that I didn’t sense in other versions this year.
r. Not Fade Away – Safe zone tune. Nothing remarkable.
s. In The Midnight Hour – Keys were too jangly for me. Not sure about this one. Very awkward ending complete with feedback chimes. I think I prefer Roxy Music’s interpretation of Wilson Pickett over the Dead’s. No....I’m sure I do.
t. Brokedown Palace* - Wow. They really delivered on this version. Jerry’s solo at 4:10 was wonderfully loose. Brent accenting behind Jerry with sweet sounding B3 keys.

This was a really good show in what was a nice two night run at Ventura. Easily a stand out for the year. The mix really helped this one out. Phil has been on fire and thus far through the summer tour is an MVP favorite. Very little chimes to grate on the ears. So far through this project I’d have to say July is by far and away the best month we’ve had. I’m looking forward to hearing where they are in October when the shows start back up.